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Alphanumeric Stickers

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PRINTASTICK® Alpha Numeric stickers are Self-Sticking Plastic Stickers which come in different sizes and colour. The letters can be easily lifted from the sheet and pasted to any clean surface. The use of PRINTASTICK® is extensive and can be used in schools, Houses, Offices, Factories, Studios, etc.

1.Made out of PVC
3.Available in nine colours Red, Blue, Black, Green, White, Yellow, Golden, Silver.

Product details:

Product Code Size Particulars
102 1/2 inch Capital letters with numbers,
174 letters in 1 sheet.
103 1/2 inch Only numbers,
173nos in 1 sheet.
109 24mm(Approx 1 inch) Capital Without Numbers,
57 letters in 1 sheet.
114 1 inch Only Numbers,
53nos in 1 sheet.
120 11/2inch Capital without numbers,
52 letters in 2 sheets.
121 11/2 inch Only numbers,
49 nos in 2 sheets.
130 2 inch Capital without numbers,
60 letters in 4 sheets.
131 2 inch Only numbers,
60 nos in 3 sheets.